Coronation Gardens

Gardens Entrance

Coronation Gardens, situated in West Kirby, is a little oasis just off the southern end of the Promenade lying between South Parade and Banks Road.  They stand alongside the site previously occupied by the prestigious Hydro Hotel, which was demolished in the 1960's and replaced by town houses.


The Coronation Gardens were opened in 1938 to commemorate the coronation of King George VI. They were laid out in the traditional, highly ornamental, seaside fashion with colourful annual and herbaceous planting schemes and manicured lawns providing the backdrop to a gentle circular footpath route and bench seating as shown in the picture below. The cafe', which still stands today, borders on to the South Parade side of the gardens where a welcome cup of tea could be enjoyed whilst taking the views of both the gardens and the promenade. Each side of the cafe' also bordering the South Parade side of the gardens were enclosing walls complete with seating areas affectionately referred to as the 'ovens' by the locals. The wall also doubled up as a defence to keep out the tide.  

 gardens old








Up to the late 60's the landscaped gardens were well maintained by the Local Authority.  However during the 1970's and early 80's the flowerbeds became neglected. The circular path that had once been a central feature of the Gardens was grassed over to save on maintenance and the flowerbeds were allowed to become a tangle of weeds only to be later filled in.  By the mid 1980s Coronation Gardens was no more than a large expanse of grass and had lost any of its formal identity.  Litter and dog fouling became a constant problem for local residents and the focal recreational facility on West Kirby‚Äôs front became nothing more than a neglected eyesore.




new gardensIn 2002, determined to re-instate the Gardens to their former glory, a group of local residents decided to take action.   With support from the Council it was decided to form the Friends of Coronation Gardens to raise awareness and funds to restore and regenerate the space. These efforts resulted in the impressive archway  you go under as you enter from the main entrance in Banks Road. Recent changes, completed in 2007,  have been the realisation of the first stage of an ambitious development plan whereby a new central path has been laid with a central feature surrounded by newly planted flower beds. The central feature consists of three geese acting as weather vanes changing with the wind.


Once again the gardens are a place where visitors and locals alike can come and enjoy the peace and quiet just a few short steps away from the usually bustling Promenade.



 Come and see for yourself.